Operate at a higher level.

The leading virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform.

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Operate at a higher level.

The leading virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform.

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Fire up your performance with powerful analytics.

Objective assessment and coaching to guide training and measure proficiency.

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Detailed perfomance analytics
Evaluation and feedback
Track improvement over time
Compare to peers
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Train on your terms, from anywhere.

Digitize the HCP learning journey and collaborate from anywhere in the world using Meta VR technology.

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Put every procedure in reach.

The world’s largest VR surgical training library.

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Proven results.

Proven in multiple published level 1 trials. Osso VR has been demonstrated to accelerate learning, memorization and mastery of complex workflows.

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Increase in
skill transfer.
“With Osso VR, we will be scaling access to our VR training platform quicker than ever before. We want to make VR available to every surgeon in every hospital around the world.”
Sandra Humbles, Vice President, Global Education Solutions
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“Osso’s ability to transport you into the OR and provide realistic feedback and clinical accuracy are lightyears ahead of anything else out there.”
Shawn McGinley, Senior Director, R&D, Foot and Ankle
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“The training, assessment, and analytics provided by Osso VR are absolute game-changers. Our reps and surgeons now have access to virtual tools that foster additional hands-on experience to master surgical techniques.”
David Sharp, Vice President, Global Marketing and Strategy
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We’re advancing the frontiers of medical technology.

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Time Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions
Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company in Healthcare
US Department of Education EdSim Challenge Winner
MedTech Innovator #1 Company Where People want to Work
GPU Tech Conference Innovation Award
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Step into the future of surgical training.
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