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How it Works

The leading virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform.

Osso VR gives medical device companies and healthcare professionals radically better ways to share, practice and learn new skills and procedures using virtual reality. From rare to routine, simple to the most complex.

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Massive Scalability

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at scale.

As a Preferred Partner of Oculus, Osso VR leverages off-the-shelf technology that is affordable and scalable. Our platform works in concert with your existing training processes to provide actionable insights and significantly improve their effectiveness.

Accurate Assessment

Know who's ready

Osso VR’s surgical simulation training analytics enable you to measure engagement and proficiency. That training data helps healthcare professionals perform at their best. And it enables medical device companies to deliver the positive early case experiences that build trust and loyalty.

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Guide Learning

A gamified mastery meter and automated coaching guide you toward proficiency milestones.

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Track Performance

Track the progress of yourself or large cohorts with our customizable dashboard.

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Analyze Procedures

Identify where procedures are most challenging to inform product education or training enhancements.

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Mike Kelly
Los Angeles, California, USA
Dan Becker
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Erma Simmons
London, England
Sheila Logan
Berlin, Germany
Hiroiki Miike
Tokyo, Japan
Amy Lauren
Charleston, SC, USA

Remote collaboration

Learn together, from anywhere.

Osso VR enables remote learning by digitizing the HCP learning journey. Sales teams, surgeons, providers and hospital staff can train together in the same virtual operating room—dozens of people simultaneously—from anywhere in the world. Scale up expertise with digital faculty to disseminate the cutting edge in surgical care.

Custom Experiences

Put every procedure in reach.

We can create custom training experiences for any procedure ranging from bread and butter cases to once-in-a-career unicorns. Our medical experts, artists and technologists incorporate your workflows and curriculums into gorgeous, clinically-accurate VR experiences.

Proven Results

Trust your training.

Proven in multiple level 1 trials, Osso VR has been demonstrated to accelerate learning, memorization and mastery of complex workflows.

Increase In Skill Transfer
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