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The obstacles that surgeons and hospital staff face when trying to learn new or rarely practiced procedures are daunting. The body of knowledge you need to remember is vast. New devices and innovations are constantly introduced at an accelerating pace. And modern surgical procedures tend to be significantly more complex.

What hasn’t changed is how surgeons are trained. The status quo methods can limit access, engagement and training time. There is little tech-specific curriculum for learning how to use emerging technologies. And there is minimal data-driven assessment to guide surgeons in their constant pursuit of better performance.

Osso VR can help you overcome these challenges. Our surgical training and assessment platform helps you stay on top of the latest advancements and quickly learn any procedure—all from your home, office or operating room. It’s the future of surgical education today and it’s helping an ever increasing number of surgeons around the world explore and master the best procedures for themselves and their patients.

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Put every procedure in reach.

Our platform enables you to get the training you need at the moment you need it—from bread and butter cases to once-in-a-career unicorns. With the world’s largest VR training library, you can practice any procedure before entering the operating room, or even between cases.

Train on your terms.

With Osso, you can do the high volume reps that are essential in mastering new skills—when and where you choose. Surgeons and hospital staff can train together in the same virtual operating room. And you can join expert surgeons from around the world in virtual training sessions to learn best practices and techniques.

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Perform better
with data-driven insight.

Osso VR’s training analytics enable you to measure knowledge, efficiency and accuracy. You can track the progress of yourself or large cohorts with our customizable dashboard.

Designed to bring
out your best.

Osso training experiences are powered by some of the world’s most accomplished artists and medical illustrators. It’s the peak of visual quality and clinical accuracy. Because we believe that every surgeon deserves a training experience that brings out their best.

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Increase In Skill Transfer

Trust your training.

Proven in multiple level 1 trials, Osso VR has been demonstrated to accelerate learning, memorization and mastery of complex workflows.

Success Stories

Dr. Jeff Barry, Assistant Professor of the University of California, San Francisco Orthopaedic Institute, implemented a holistic, hands-on and completely remote training and assessment curriculum using Osso VR for surgeons in residency.

Marshall University

The Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine balanced social distancing, improved resident education, and maintained patient safety all simultaneously by using Osso VR.

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Hospital for Special Surgery

The Hospital for Special Surgery implemented a virtual reality training and assessment platform to accurately gauge surgeons’ performance on surgical procedures.

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