Image of three surgeons performing a surgery.

A partnership for fulfilling the promise of medical technology.

Using new medical technologies should be exciting and fulfilling for everyone—device companies, practitioners and patients. Because they’re better for everyone. We help ensure that using the latest tech in the OR feels as positive and effective as it does in VR. Here’s how we make that a reality.

Image of three Osso employees collaborating around a computer.

Assemble the best.

We’re building the best team in the digital surgery ecosystem. Together we’re creating more access to training and assessment for healthcare professionals around the world.

  • Our artists have helped win Oscars and Emmys for VR design
  • Product team led by the former General Manager of VR for Sony Playstation
  • Interdisciplinary groups of artists, designers, engineers and strategists

Co-create greatness.

We bring everyone to the table—sales teams and surgeons, artists and technologists, producers and strategists—to understand what goals need to be reached and what problems need to be solved.

  • Help customers define their educational challenges
  • Design customized training curriculums
  • Create gorgeous, clinically-accurate VR experiences
  • Guide launch, rollout and optimization
Rendering of VR experience showing a shoulder surgery.
Rendering of Osso VR experience showing the face of an intubated patient.

Draw users in.

The first step in training is wanting to train. We spark that drive with exceptional design. Our platform balances the challenge of learning new techniques with training experiences that make you feel in control and in flow with the procedure.

Rendering of Osso VR experience showing avatars performing a surgery.

Train smarter.

The way we do training in VR is unique. We use modern learning models and continuous assessment to accelerate skill development and memorization of complex, tech-enabled workflows.

Partner end-to-end.

Adopting new medical technologies takes end-to-end partnership. Our Partner Success and Client Services teams guide the full process. We help establish the right goals and strategies, and we empower sales teams to successfully deploy our platform, measure results and optimize training.

Osso branded Oculus Quest 2 VR headsetOculus Quest 2 controller.Oculus Quest 2 controller
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