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Innovation is the lifeblood of healthcare. It’s how we expand the horizon of what’s possible in order to deliver better outcomes for patients. Unfortunately, keeping healthcare professionals on top of the latest advancements—as well as procedures they don’t perform frequently—is a growing challenge.

Meeting the pace of innovation is compounded by the complexity of newer medical technologies and techniques. These powerful tools tend to have longer learning curves and sometimes require novel skills that can take time to master.

Osso VR helps you drive adoption of new innovations. Our surgical training and assessment platform inspires healthcare professionals at scale, allowing them to explore new devices and procedures. We empower them with the means and the confidence to provide the best care and optimal outcomes for their patients.

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Scale your education programs.

Our Remote Collaboration™ solution can help scale your education programs to more surgeons than ever with meaningful one-on-one and team training in VR, wherever and whenever the need arises.

Accelerate the
learning curve.

Our training experiences are designed to accelerate skill development and memorization of complex workflows, including the latest robotics-enabled procedures. Independent clinical validation studies have repeatedly indicated that Osso VR training effectively shortens the learning curve.

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Measure engagement and proficiency.

Our Assessment Analytics™ reports provide a new level of objective insight at scale. The mastery meter provides automated guidance while letting trainees track their progress. Powerful dashboards give administrators actionable data at a glance, globally. That data enables healthcare professionals to perform at their best and deliver the positive early case outcomes that build long term relationships and loyalty.

Meet the pace of innovation.

Our platform frees users to train on the latest instruments, capital equipment, and surgical robotics in fully immersive, hands-on experiences. It’s our mission to empower practitioners everywhere to explore, learn and adopt the highest value innovations for their patients.

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Increase In Skill Transfer

Proven results.

Proven in multiple level 1 trials, Osso VR has been demonstrated to accelerate learning, memorization and mastery of complex workflows.

Success Stories
Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson scaled their surgical virtual reality program to increase hands-on learning and team collaboration to hospitals around the world.
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MicroPort Orthopedics transformed internal education for both surgeons and sales professionals with virtual reality for their knee replacement device.
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Smith and Nephew augmented their advanced robotic solution with virtual reality training for a holistic, hands-on experience.
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