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New Study Shows Virtual Reality Training Outperforms Traditional Methods in Orthopedic Surgical Education

November 9, 2023
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SAN FRANCISCO, November 9, 2023 - Osso VR, the leader in immersive surgical training, announces the findings of a newly released study published in Advances in Medical Education and Practice that demonstrates the effectiveness of virtual reality in orthopedic trauma training.

The study titled “A Comparative Study of Traditional Technique Guide versus Virtual Reality in Orthopedic Trauma Training” examined the impact of Osso VR's immersive and interactive platform on surgical training. The study consisted of 38 fourth-year medical students with no prior experience in the procedure, tibial intramedullary nailing, and is the largest sample size to date for an Osso VR study.

The study’s findings demonstrated that virtual reality training outperformed traditional training methods when learning and executing the steps of the procedure. Participants who underwent VR training exhibited a higher level of procedural proficiency.

  • Faster Procedure Times: The VR group completed the tibial nail assessment significantly faster than the control group (P < 0.05).

  • Fewer Redirections: The study also revealed that the VR group required fewer redirections, indicating that those who underwent VR training had a better understanding of the required steps for the successful completion of the tibial intramedullary nailing procedure. (P = 0.05)

These key findings demonstrate the significant advantages of VR training for surgeons and proceduralists. The immersive nature of VR paired with simulation-based assessment enhances the learning process and translates into measurable proficiency, such as reduced procedure times and increased procedural performance.

"At this point, Osso’s technology has been independently validated in eight peer-reviewed publications,” said Justin Barad, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Founder/CEO of Osso VR. “We have a consistent and large body of research demonstrating the effectiveness of immersive training and objective assessment for procedures and surgery. The potential impact of this technology is almost unparalleled with over 300 million major surgeries performed annually around the world. The biggest challenge we now face as procedural care providers is implementing and utilizing this clinically proven technology which will require continued evangelism, research, and education so that we can operate at the top of our license and our patients can receive the most effective, safe, and efficient care.”

Osso VR is utilized by academic medical centers as a practical bridge between conventional training and real-world patient care. The immersive platform enhances medical professionals' technical skills and confidence with the goal of improving patient care.

To learn more, visit the Osso VR website at

About Osso VR

Used by the world’s leading healthcare institutions and medical device companies, Osso VR is a clinically validated surgical training and assessment platform. Using award-winning VR content, Osso’s scalable platform provides a collaborative, risk-free, hands-on training environment that drives performance and outcomes improvements. Analytics within the Osso platform objectively measures performance for skills development and benchmark analysis.

Founded in 2016, Osso VR has been the most celebrated virtual reality company in healthcare, earning multiple industry awards, including TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Healthcare Company, and the SXSW Innovation Award for VR. Led by UCLA and Harvard-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon Justin Barad, MD, Osso VR covers multiple surgical specialties and is available in several languages in over 40 countries.

To learn more, visit, and follow Osso VR on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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