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Osso VR Introduces Osso Academy: Surgical Residency, Evolved

June 8, 2023
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SAN FRANCISCO, June 8, 2023 — Osso VR, the leader in immersive surgical training, today announced the launch of Osso Academy, a comprehensive virtual reality (VR) training program tailored for academic medical centers and residency programs. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned surgeons and medical educators, Osso Academy offers a curated curriculum built on leading-edge simulation technology to provide hands-on training and assessment on demand.

"Osso Academy represents a major leap forward in how we approach surgical training," said Dr. Gregg Nicandri, an orthopedic surgeon and health technology expert. "By combining immersive VR technology with comprehensive training modules on-demand, Osso Academy can revolutionize the way we rear the next generation of surgeons. This is the future of education for trainees across all surgical specialties."

Starting with orthopedics, Osso Academy’s initial offering consists of a complete library featuring over 25 immersive training modules. Aligned with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) milestones and case minimum guidelines, the robust orthopedics curriculum covers an extensive catalog of robotics and complex medical devices.

Residency Program Director for Orthopaedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Dawn Laporte, said Osso Academy enables orthopedic residents to develop their skills with greater preciseness, setting a new standard for surgical education. 

“Enhancing training with innovative and immersive technologies is vital to the future of medical education and advancing our field. Osso Academy not only allows for a safe and controlled training environment, but serves as a catalyst for developing objective methods of surgical assessment,” she said.

Both Laporte and Nicandri served as key members of the Osso Academy advisory board, composed of leading orthopedists and medical educators that served to develop a cutting-edge curriculum. The collective expertise of the advisory board ensures that Osso Academy yields highly-effective training, accelerating the development of a new generation of proficient surgeons when their skills are needed most.  

Osso Academy is an expansion of an existing offering to teaching hospitals and a natural extension of the company's mission to democratize access to surgical training worldwide. Osso Academy comes at a time when VR is becoming widely accepted and advocated for by medical facilities and professionals. According to data from Accenture, 82 percent of healthcare professionals agree that VR creates a convenient way of accessing and learning information for medical students and practicing healthcare professionals.


"Osso Academy is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative shift to ensure that the next generation of healthcare professionals is prepared to excel in their medical careers," said Leif Goranson, Vice President of Provider Solutions at Osso VR. “By equipping trainees with cutting-edge VR technology and immersive training scenarios, we can empower residents and fellows to develop critical skills, enhance decision-making and gain confidence in performing both simple and complex surgical procedures.”

"With Osso Academy at the forefront, integrating VR as a teaching tool in medicine is poised to become the gold standard in residency training worldwide,” added Shauna Davis, Senior Manager of Medical Affairs for Osso VR.

Osso Academy's orthopedic courses are now available for surgical residency programs in North America and will premier at the upcoming 2023 American Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting and CORD Conference. To learn more about Osso Academy, visit or connect with Osso VR, June 14-17, during the AOA annual meeting and CORD Conference in Salt Lake City.

About Osso VR

Used by the world’s leading healthcare institutions and medical device companies, Osso VR is a clinically-validated surgical training and assessment platform. Using award-winning VR content, Osso’s scalable platform provides a collaborative, risk-free, hands-on training environment that drives performance and outcomes improvements. Analytics within the Osso platform objectively measures performance for skills development and benchmark analysis.


Founded in 2016, Osso VR has been the most celebrated virtual reality company in healthcare, earning multiple industry awards, including TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Healthcare Company, and the SXSW Innovation Award for VR. Led by UCLA and Harvard-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon Justin Barad, MD, Osso VR covers multiple surgical specialties and is available in several languages in over 40 countries. 

To learn more, visit, and follow Osso VR on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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