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Welcome to Osso VR’s new look

August 5, 2021
2 Minute Read

We launched a new visual identity and website, and we can’t wait to share what that means with you.

I don’t know about you, but Osso VR has felt even more dynamic than usual lately. From hiring our 100th employee to landing our Series B funding round, it’s been an unusually eventful year… and it’s only August.

In fact, our growth has been so significant that we wanted to share that with the outside world. That’s why we’ve taken the steps to evolve our brand, product and presence to to keep pace with all the exciting changes at Osso.

“Osso’s new visual identity reflects our mission, team and culture. I’m so excited for everyone to experience the new look and feel in every interaction. You’ll all feel the Osso optimism and energy.”

Lisa Fong, VP of Marketing at Osso VR

Visually, we’ve got a new look. From soft shades of surgical blues and purples to a fresh, new graphical logo that is a reflection of our very name, our brand is bright and represents our innovative work we do every day.

On a granular level, we chose this logo for a few key reasons. Surgical caps, operating room lights and the lenses in virtual reality headsets form circles in our everyday lives. An element of dimension in its circular shape gives the impression of the realism that we infuse into our product. But more importantly, you can find our name - Osso - cleverly built into the graphic. The outer circle creates an “O” in and of itself, the blue and purple gradients form two “S”’s, and the final “O” found in the white hole of the center.

Across the new brand, access to imagery, information and education across our website is effortless, allowing us to further our mission of improving patient outcomes. It’s now easier than ever to get in touch with our team, try the impressive capabilities of virtual reality or contact support with your product inquiry.

“Since I joined in early 2020, one of our goals is to keep innovating and increasing our production values across the board. Just as our VR visuals are world-class, we are hoping to bring that same attention to detail to all aspects of our product. Our new look should express that we are a company that cares, that aspires to make an environment for learning that is comfortable and that you want to return to. This new brand update is a step toward that goal.”

Jonathan Sabella, Art Director at Osso VR

What happens now?

Although we’ve come a long way to make this exciting time happen, we’re no where close to being finished in our mission to transform training and assessment for healthcare professionals. If you want to come along on our journey, keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter, join our talented team or immerse yourself in virtual reality today.

Eleanor Jacobson
Eleanor Jacobson
Sr. Manager, Content Marketing
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