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5 can't-miss events to try virtual reality for surgical training this fall

September 14, 2022
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Fall is a pivotal time to attend key conferences in the medical device industry. These events provide time to learn about the latest research, meaningful face-to-face catch-ups with healthcare professionals and opportunities to showcase the latest devices and tech. 

Virtual reality is a must-see and must-try experience to slot time for when planning a trip. Besides getting a hands-on demo of the virtual operating room, attendees have a chance to learn about how VR can save device companies money, provide better surgical outcomes and train teams at scale.

Osso VR is hitting the road this fall to bring the latest surgical training technology to medical device professionals, surgeons and healthcare professionals coast-to-coast. Here is a list of five specialty conferences to hit up this fall to access VR. 

Can’t make these conferences, or didn’t see one that matched a particular specialty area? Skip to the end to try virtual reality for surgical training anytime, anywhere. 

1. AOFAS 2022

What: American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society Annual Meeting

When: September 14th-17th

Where: Québec City Convention Center, Québec, Canada (or virtually)

The American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society Annual Meeting returns this year and will take place in the beautiful city of Québec.

This top-tier orthopedic event provides experiences such as sessions with renowned speakers, announcements on the latest research and unveilings of the most up-to-date surgical technology for foot and ankle procedures. 

Virtual reality stands to be the show's highlight this year. Companies such as Stryker Foot and Ankle will bring their latest Infinity Total Ankle System training module featuring the new Prophecy Resect-Through Guides module — all powered by VR.

Experts in the field emphasize that virtual reality is essential for orthopedics, especially for foot and ankle procedures. “VR fills an important gap in training between a simple review of techniques by reading or video viewing and practicing surgical techniques with cadaver specimens,” says Dr. Nelson F. SooHoo, MD., Orthopedic Surgeon. “This has tremendous potential in training residents on procedures in foot and ankle surgery given the complicated sequences and unfamiliar techniques often encountered in hallux valgus correction, ankle replacement, and other procedures we commonly perform.”

Surgical training in VR has elevated medical education, and AOFAS provides the exciting chance to try it in person. Attendees can visit booth #N15 to try Osso VR lower extremity modules first-hand or by scheduling an exclusive VIP meeting in advance here.

2. TCT 2022

What: The Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics and Cardiovascular Research Foundation’s (CRF) Annual Scientific Symposium

When: September 16th-20th

Where: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, Massachusetts (or virtually)

This year the inaugural cardiovascular event TCT takes place in the historically-rich city of Boston. This conference is a must for healthcare professionals interested in ground-breaking live cases, in-person training, and the latest and greatest in clinical sciences innovations. Attendance allows for the ability to connect with industry members within the field of medtech and explore the most up-to-date cardiovascular technologies. 

Because cardiovascular surgical procedures are complex and require precision during performance, training is critical. Virtual reality is the cutting-edge technology that helps improve surgical skills for the complex, high-stake procedures surgeons require before entering ORs. Attendees can schedule a meeting with Osso VR’s team at booth #840 for their own hands-on experience.

3. ASES 2022

What: American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Annual Meeting

When: October 5th-8th

Where: Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia 

Travel to Atlanta, one of the most popular cities in America, for this year's Annual Meeting for American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons.

Join members from across the globe to commence the critical analysis of the orthopedic landscape, contribute to valuable insights and provide discussion around advanced courses of treatment — all with a laser focus on upper extremities.

This event fosters a unique forum to delve into an open dialogue about the adverse issues members within the field face. Dr. Joshua Dines, MD., an Orthopedic Surgeon and prior attendee of the event, echoes the importance. 

“Attending the ASES meeting is such a special experience because you get a concentration of the most famous, thoughtful, smart, technically-gifted shoulder and elbow surgeons from all over the world in one place for several days to discuss contemporary issues in a detailed fashion and to go one step further. The relatively small nature of the society combined with the closed meeting format allows for an open, honest discussion.”

Virtual reality brings unique twists and capabilities that enhance patient outcomes for this orthopedic audience. Attendees can try the technology by visiting Osso VR at Booth #21 and reserving time with the team here.

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4. NASS 2022

What: North American Spine Society Annual Meeting

When: October 12th-15th

Where: McCormick Place West, Chicago, Illinois

With over 8,000 global attendees registered already, this year’s North American Spine Society’s Annual Meeting is one to attend in the windy city of Chicago. 

This conference convenes like-minded industry leaders sharing state-of-the-art spinal care products and services, live surgical demos and workshops, and various medical theaters.

Training for spinal procedures is intricate, and the latest tools for training will be on display at NASS. VR will have a front-row seat, as it's an exceptional tool for surgical training that enables surgeons to practice until perfection. 

“This is not the VR you grew up with. The current hardware enables extremely realistic and responsive motion and feedback,” says Dr. Raymond W. Hwang, MD., Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon. “Osso has a design team that rivals most Hollywood studios. This has led to extremely immersive experiences that look and feel scary real. But as they say, you have to see it to believe it. Stop by and check out the future of surgical training for yourself.”

To try the latest lifelike spinal VR technology, attendees can visit Osso VR’s booth at #4814. Skip the lines by setting up a meeting here.

5. AAHKS 2022

What: American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Annual Meeting

When: November 3rd-6th

Where: Gaylord Texan Resort Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas 

Wrap up the year at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Annual Meeting in the scenic city of Grapevine.

This conference promises more critical discussion on topics influencing hip and knee reconstruction surgery. This year's list of items ranges from the impact of socio-economic factors in healthcare, emerging implant designs and new surgical techniques. 

Virtual reality continues to be a highly effective tool utilized by surgical teams that allow every individual to practice in unison from anywhere in the world. “VR has allowed a decrease in the learning curve for adoption of new techniques, technologies, and implant systems,” says Dr. Michael P. Ast, MD., Orthopedic Surgeon. “The ability to view, learn and practice first outside of the operating room breaks down one of the most common barriers to adoption for new techniques or technologies, and can also potentially reduce patient complications.”

Attendees should make sure to add time to their agenda to try the power of VR personally with Osso VR at booth #923.

Try virtual reality for surgical training for any specialty, anytime, anywhere

Virtual reality for surgical training goes far beyond these specialty areas. For healthcare professionals unable to attend an event or who don’t see a specialty area that matches their concentration, the Osso VR team offers virtual consultations to align use cases to business objectives, surgical training outcomes and patient outcomes. Schedule time with us here. 

Schedule a demo to hear directly from the experts about the transformative potential of surgical training in virtual reality for any specialty, anytime, anywhere.

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